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What is Securities Fraud? Definition, Main Elements and Examples

What is securities fraud? Securities fraud, also known as stock or investment fraud, is a type of white-collar  crime that  can be committed in a variety of ways, but mainly involves misrepresentation of information that investors use to make decisions. Scammers can be individuals, such as stockbrokers. Alternatively, it could be an organization, such as a brokerage firm,… Read More »

Gas Prices Rise Amid Refinery and Production Problems

U.S. gasoline prices began to rise after declining for more than three months, as a result of a confluence of factors, including the impact of Hurricane Ian and production cuts by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  A gallon of regular gasoline averaged more than $3.83 nationally on Oct. 5. With gasoline costs rising as winter… Read More »